Re: Excuse me.. This is me who sent an opportunistic and mistakable message

Which are we talking about (Type-bars or sub-levers)?

Are we talking about type-bars or sub-levers when making reference to early
Remington or Caligraph type-writers? Not sure I know of such a type-writer.
I believe most all very early Remington and Caligraph type-writers had metal
type-bars and wood sub-levers (something to do with alignment). It would
seem the wood type-bars would soon find themselves out of alignment and thus
would find themselves on a junk pile. Perhaps someone on the list knows of
such a machine. Check with DR.


Re: Excuse me.. This is me who sent and started additional an oppotunistic and mistakable confusing message


My reason why I had started another thread about the material of key-levers
: which is running underneath of the machine from front to rear
is, I think, this will help to make it clear when the four-bank keyboard had done among in the group of Sholes and Schwalbach and fellows.

There was an message

about typebar metal brass or something steel

I took after the message

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