Oops! Sholes call both keylevers and typebars as keys in pat. #118491.

Oops! Sholes call both keylevers and typebars as keys in patent number: 118491.
The key has double meaning for keylever and for typebar in Sholes' patent number: 118491.
S represents a series of keys, pivoted on a fulcrum below the ratchets J K, to reach under and work the types. T represents a slotted disk, fastened above the rear ends of the keys and directly under the main axle B. U represents a series of keys, pivoted in the slots of the disk T so as to strike at a point in the center thereof, directly under the main axle B.


But keys get to jam?, not typebars, if with wire-stringed?

But keys get to jam?, not typebars, if with wire-stringed, like on S&Gs..? I wonder..
Cause wire may able to bend easily if got pressing force.

Some expressions look as : cf. "The keys used to jam", "keys sticking together", "keys to jam"..

I understand if typebars got moving by hard linkage mechanism, like connected with rod or so.
If typebars've got jammed, then that causes keys also get stuck, too.

But when typebars got moved by kick-up, sure even if typebars got stuck, keys can come up back to the normal position with showing almost as if nothing had happened on the end of typebars..

And when if typebars would get motion by wire, also keys can come up back, I guess.

How about on your wireds?
Wouldn't you mind to tell of yours, for me of not owning any wired , please?



What do we want to say with McGurrin vs. Traub?

What do we want to say with McGurrin vs. Traub?
Traub vs. McGurrin: The theme setting,, -- What for?
With help of sight? or not? - The actuality on - QWERTY history:

Off wired of historical thread mystery..

Off wired of historical thread mystery..
Type-basket arrangement historically coming next to "A to Z" order. - The actuality on - QWERTY history:


Sholes & Glidden(S&G) get to JAM , three of them say. 3 parson say "JAM".

(in English)

In short, please look :
Jam reporters of three of them. People who say CLASHING is also a problem: DR,Peter,,, - The actuality on - QWERTY history:
If this is closed, then try following.:

Path dependency?
Scince around autum 2010, I've started trying to have contacts with some antique typewriter owners of having up-strike mechanism.

I remember if that would be the very first time? to try to have a contact with Kikutake college, at Nagoya in Japan.. but, that was not for sure if it jams or not.That was for inquiry of key layouts and type-basket arrangements of typebars.
He APKY*1 have reported typebar arrangement of two S&Gs in
  1. Milwaukee Musium or so and in
  2. Kikutake college, Nagoya, Japan.
Sholes & Glidden Type-Writer and its type basket
posted by Koichi Yasuoka at 11:06 AM, Monday, April 27, 2009.
The Truth of QWERTY: http://yasuoka.blogspot.com/2009/04/i-also-wrote-second-program-nadist-to.html

Those are not prototype but (after) (mass-?)production models, though.

Two of museums have the same arrangement of typebasket machine, which was reported by APKY. And this is what I'm guessing how is wired and connected to keys and keylevers from each typebars.

*1: (Associate) Professor Koichi Yasuoka cf. http://qwerty-history.g.hatena.ne.jp/raycy/20110107/1294382212

I've sent a mail to whom he looks to have up-strike machine, and he read Japanese, but his is look like Yost or so thinking later on.., might have grasshopper mechanism, then it should be litte bit different from ordinary up-strikes.. He said he cannot say much about jamming or not on S&Gs or so..
YOST NO.4 Typewriter
Then I sent mail to Darryl Rehr, who is famous in antique typewriter collectors.
Kindly enough, he sent response mails in several times.
Mr. Darryl Rehr answered to my questions. - The actuality on - QWERTY history:
Then I sent mail to mailing list: TYPEWRITERS@yahoogroups.com ,
that time, Peter Weil reterned some comment.
TYPEWRITERS : Message: Re: [TYPEWRITERS] Sholes & Glidden Type-writer Question:
  • Oops, I've not read much ever about this thread.. I might not.., I'm afraid..
    I've almost missed some of those on this thread?.. Alright, I'll read later on.. I've remember I've read most of them already. Makes me ease..

Again, I've sent mail to TYPEWRITERS@yahoogroups.com ,
this time, Darryl Rehr, Peter Weil, and some others gave comments to the mail link.
TYPEWRITERS : Message: Upstrike Typebars never jam ?:

(in Japanese)
to: http://at-aka.blogspot.com/2010/11/qwerty.html
* http://kunio.sblo.jp/article/38767446.html#comment
* http://yasuoka.blogspot.com/2009/05/with-older-manual-typewriters-each.html#c3849670147015158153
* http://kygaku.g.hatena.ne.jp/raycy/20110111/1294691514


Sholes & Glidden(S&G)タイプライターは絡むという証言を、3人から得ています。


つづき やら 書きかけ at http://kygaku.g.hatena.ne.jp/raycy/20110112/1294769832


alphabetical order nexting bigram frequency in bar chart