But keys get to jam?, not typebars, if with wire-stringed?

But keys get to jam?, not typebars, if with wire-stringed, like on S&Gs..? I wonder..
Cause wire may able to bend easily if got pressing force.

Some expressions look as : cf. "The keys used to jam", "keys sticking together", "keys to jam"..

I understand if typebars got moving by hard linkage mechanism, like connected with rod or so.
If typebars've got jammed, then that causes keys also get stuck, too.

But when typebars got moved by kick-up, sure even if typebars got stuck, keys can come up back to the normal position with showing almost as if nothing had happened on the end of typebars..

And when if typebars would get motion by wire, also keys can come up back, I guess.

How about on your wireds?
Wouldn't you mind to tell of yours, for me of not owning any wired , please?


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