Matthias? double TT? W(^O^)V    (T-T)  (。>_<)

Who was Mathias Schalbach? - bakana raycy - KliologY:
Koichi Yasuoka and Motoko Yasuoka: "On the Prehistory of QWERTY", ZINBUN, No.42 (March 2011), pp.161-174).
In "On the Prehistory of QWERTY(OPQ)"(Mar. 2011), they write 'Matthias Schwalbach.'
("Matthias"|マチアス)(Schwalbach|シュバル) ("Koichi Yasuoka"|"Yasuoka Koichi"|"KoichiYasuoka"|安岡孝一) -raycy - Google Search:

Current(2001, might also be in1977,) writes 'Mathias.'
(First Illinois paperback,2001. CC.© 1977 by Richard Nelson Current. Reprinted by arrangement with the author)
Matthias Schwalbach inauthor:Current - Google Search:

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