It hears that Schwalbach had done the four-bank keyboard and handed it to Sholes around the spring of 1871.

I have a quick question about some terminology I've heard. I've heard some
machines referred to as 1, 2, 3, or 4 bank machines--what exactly does this
The saying of Schwalbach hears as follows:


his criticisms annoyed sholes but impelled him to go on making improvements the inventor soon adopted a new keyboard of Schwalbach's devising which consisted of four rows of metal key levers and buttons set in ascending banks.[18]

[18] Schwalbach afterwards said that " while he continued to work for Mr. Sholes for $3.00 a day during the winter of 1870 he took up the work independently in his home he worked out the four-bank key board and in the spring of 1871 he laid his completed model before messrs sholes and glidden howard in typewriter topics 3:8

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