Q: RemStdNo.2: UpperCaseKey depression makes the platen go backward or not?

On Remington Standard Type-Writer No.2:
Which direction does the UpperCaseKey depression make the platen move? backward or forward ?

Virtual Typewriter Museum says it forward.

The qwerty keyboard had been designed by Sholes himself, but new to the keyboard was the 'shift' key, that literally shifted the carriage to the front in order to type capitals.

Editor/publisher: Paul Robert, retrieved:Jan 17, 2013
The Virtual Typewriter Museum: Remington Standard 2:
  • This web-page seems to contain some mix-up with Rem2(1878) and RemStd2(1882 from the Wyckoff, Seamans and Benedict.).

Some manual says it backward.

3.-- When the key marked "Upper Case is down, the capitals and all the characters at the back on the double keys will be printed, and when the key that is marked "Lower Case" is down, the small letters and all the characters that are at the front on the double keys will be printed. The "Lower Case" key need never be touched by the oerator except when the cylinder shifter(149) is raised so the machine is writing all capitals: then, to make a character on the front of a key, press down the "Lower Case" key. (p.--)

8. -- Is held forward or backward by the shifter(149). When forward it will prirnt the small letters and the characters on the front side of the double keys; when backward it will print capitals and the characters on the back side of the double keys. To change the cylinder asd set it in eithe position, you have only to LIFT UP and pull forward or push backward the shifter (149). (p.7)


Some Patent say it backward.


Patent number: 492599 Filing date: Sep 26, 1892 Issue date: Feb 28, 1893

Some machine say it backward and others say forward..

Remington Standard Type-Writer No. 7

  • To depress the UpperCaseKey makes the platen move to backward,, looks like..
    • 2'00"- About Shift-key operation and platen movement.
    • 2'20"- About Shift-Lock mechanism.

Remington Standard Type-Writer No. 6

  • To depress the UpperCaseKey makes the platen move to forward,, looks like..
    • 1'10"-1'30" About Shift mechanism.


Remington Standard Type-Writer No. 2

  • uncertain..

Clone of Remington Standard No. 2, Manhattan

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